The marble tradition begins here!
A time-honored story

A period marked by the particular challenges of marble extraction. Marked by the distance of the men who paved the way in direct confrontation with nature and its setbacks.

Man has cut the rough stone and made it into his own work of art...

The compositions in this work of art read the extraction in its vein segments, fronts and in the quarry to find the most desired material: with textures, colors and movements, paving the way for the imagination of professionals to create exquisite applications for architectural and decorative projects. Mineração Santa Clara arrived on the outskirts of Gironda in 1957, with Casemiro Costa. Born in São Fidelis/RJ, he worked in the town of Italva, also in Rio de Janeiro, in the area of block mining. Born on March 4, 1906, Casemiro was married to Antônia de Souza Costa. They had 13 children: Morvam, Marinete, Marília, Hélio, Maria, Dalmaço, Estelita, Ercília, Casemiro Costa Filho, Vera, Ugo, Eliane and Ernesto.

Mr. Casemiro Costa was a hard working man with a deep knowledge of the difficult and fascinating art of quarrying marble blocks. This art requires a lot of technique, knowledge and entrepreneurial vision. With some savings, Mr. Casemiro went in search of his own quarry. His experience in marble extraction ushered in a new era in the ornamental stone sector in the south of Espírito Santo. He also brought with him a wealth of information that helped pave the way for future generations.

Since marble extraction was still in its infancy, it wasn’t difficult for Mr. Casemiro to find the quarry he wanted. And it was in the town of Alto Gironda, where white marble dominated the region, that he established his company on a property he purchased in 1962.

Hardworking as he was, Mr. Casemiro began a new phase: from employee to employer. And with the help of his children, who were still teenagers and had inherited their father’s passion, he began a journey full of challenges, using his own resources to face the difficult struggles in the real stone jungle.

The Alto Gironda region had very positive and promising aspects in its mineralogical composition: a good climate, white marble of excellent quality, a location close to Cachoeiro de Itapemirim – at that time a growing city – an already known consumer market and, above all, the possibility of keeping the family in a single activity: marble quarrying.

But there were also negative aspects, such as: the difficulty of accessing the region, with no electricity, no roads, a telephone network – which existed only in the nearby town of Vargem Alta – and only for emergencies; transportation was precarious, especially during the rainy season, when climbing the mountain was very difficult; there was also no medical or dental care, as well as a lack of schools. The only school functioned precariously in an old corn field.

Thinking of his own children, his neighbors and his employees, Mr. Casemiro built a small school where his daughter Estelita was the teacher. Local trade was very precarious at that time, and in order to make the region more accessible and to attract more customers and suppliers, Mr. Casemiro and his sons built a 6 km road connecting Alto Gironda to the town of Itaoca, using only a hoe and a pickaxe as tools. The ground was dirt, which made it difficult to transport the blocks, especially during the rainy season.

The road from Alto Gironda to Cachoeiro de Itapemirim was also dirt. The town of Cachoeiro was considered the largest supply center, serving the needs of local families, shops and companies. This 23 km stretch of road, in a terrible condition, was the only access to the city. But despite all these difficulties, from the extraction to the transportation of the marble, Mr. Casemiro, being an excellent pioneer and visionary, never gave up. Working hard, without any infrastructure, he managed to overcome the obstacles.

From generation to generation

Casemiro Costa died in 1977, leaving a legacy that has lasted for generations. Today, his sons, Dalmaço and Hélio, and his grandson, Cláudio Costa, run Mineração Santa Clara, keeping the dreams of this great visionary alive. As a pioneer of mining and extraction in the region, Mr. Casemiro Costa’s struggle and perseverance have left their mark on the history of marble extraction in our municipality.

It is with great pride that today his children and grandchildren see the name of their father and grandfather perpetuated on the road between Soturno and Gironda. Mineração Santa Clara currently has an area of 15.31 hectares and a portfolio of more than 20 different shades of natural stone. These are materials of unique beauty, with rich veins, nuances and shades, exclusive to the company.

Translucency, solidity, resistance and beauty are inscribed in the DNA of Mineração Santa Clara’s materials. Using the best inputs available in the marble processing market, the company also stands out for its experience in the extraction and processing of slabs and blocks since 1950, serving the national and international markets. With modern management and innovative actions that cover new markets, the company opens new avenues in the search for new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, offering the market a new line of products, further strengthening the strength of the brand.

The intense daily presence of Mr. Casemiro’s children and grandchildren in the company reflects the seriousness and commitment to the entire production process, from the quarry to the industry, confirming a legacy of success that continues to this day.

Own materials

Santa Clara Stones serves its customers with 100% of its own quarry materials, thus being able to work with the best supply conditions with more than 15 acre of quarry.



With a trained and experienced team, Santa Clara Stones sells all nationwide and more than 12 countries with its marbles.



There are more than 22 types of materials with variation of color and pattern meeting the most diverse projects, always looking for your needs.

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